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90 – MeanDawg Returns: Our Top 5 from 2009

Posted on March 2, 2010

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We are back with our first show since 2008. Check out our picks for some of our favorite movies from the past year.
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  1. Yeah;D. Fuckin’A Dudes.,. I Just Checked My iTunes,. & Your Back! Tss,. & I’ll Listening To It Right Now,.,. It Feels Good That Now I Can Be Up To Date With You Guys, Cause I Discovered Your Podcast When You Were In Your “Hiatus”. Later.

  2. The Mean Dawgs are back! That made my day. I have listened to all episodes and enjoyed every minute. Thx for a geat podcast guys, hope you keep it up.

    My top five rescent movies:

    1. The Lives of Others
    2. The Wrestler
    3. Where the Wild Things Are
    4. Rambo 4
    5. A Serious Man

    /Nils from Sweden

  3. The Wrestler! Great choice. I haven’t see A serious Man….will have to check it out. Thanks for listening and the feedback.

  4. Tss,. Your podcast kicked-ass dudes.,.
    You covered all the movies that I also thought were the best from 09.
    You just missed some,. Here my Top Five:
    (If you haven’t seen them, I recommend its next on your netflix)

    2:District 9
    3:500 Days of Summer
    4:Hurt Locker

  5. Episode 58 – Top 5 Comebacks. I nominate “Meandawg”.

    For this episode.

    1 Inglourious Basterds
    2 Moon
    3 500 Days of Summer
    4 Up
    5 Let The Right One In

  6. Thanks for listening and enjoying, guys. Those are good lists, I’ll have to get all caught up on some of these movies. It wasn’t only a year away from MeanDawg, it was just about a year away from movies for me.

  7. Loved the show. I’ve been a long time listern and a big fan. How about a list of the worst of 2009.

  8. How often can we expect a new episode?

  9. When’s the next one coming out?

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